All About Me and Hockey

Hey there,

Welcome to the Hockey and Heels blog! I am ready to dive into this new adventure head first! First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I know sports isn’t for everyone, but I hope to write in a way that makes it entertaining nonetheless.

For my first post I want to give you all a little background about me, as well as answer a few questions that I anticipate people may have regarding my blog! So lets get started!

1. First Things First

Let’s get down to basics. My name is Elaina Rhoades and my favorite things include the Walking Dead, Italian food, and the Chicago Blackhawks…maybe not quite in that order. More fun facts include: I had a tumor the size of a basketball in my stomach when I was 8, I’m scared of heights but love rollercoasters, and I often get mistaken for Anna Kendrick. I’ve been a dancer since I was five, joined show choir in high school, and began a hip hop team on my college campus. Wanna know more? Keep reading!!

Killing it at Lighting of the B with Vitality Dance Company-Taken by Anna Foley

2. Why the name “Hockey and Heels”? 

As a female it is very hard to get taken seriously when discussing sports. I have found that in the hockey world there is a spectrum that female fans fall in, which ranges from “I think the players are hot” to “I’d be the best general manager this league has ever seen.” I’d say I fall somewhere closer to the “general manger” category. Women that fall into the first category are typically looked down on and contribute to the fact that women who legitimately know the sport, can not get the respect they deserve when talking about it. I’m not shaming those girls in any capacity, I am just simply stating how this contributes to a certain stereotype. The name “Hockey and Heels” embraces not only the sport but also the fact that I am a female. I want to show that it is very possible to be knowledgable about this sport and be a female at the same time.

3. So Why Hockey?

chicago blackhawks lion
Art Institute Lions after Chicago Blackhawks 2015 Stanley Cup Parade- Photo by Elaina Rhoades

I am an avid Chicago Blackhawks fan. I’ve been interested in hockey for several years now and have devoted a decent chunk of my time (and money) to the Chicago Blackhawks organization. Once I discovered hockey and how passionate I was about it, I knew that it was something I wanted to make a career of! I look like Bambi on ice skates, so I’d say being a professional hockey player is not in my future. I’ve dabbled in the world of mascots (not kidding) and found that I’m just not the right woman for that job either. So I’ve finally settled on merging my love of marketing and social media and the world of sports! I promise one day I will be the CMO of the Chicago Blackhawks…just you wait!

All in all, I am excited about this new adventure. I have always loved to write but never found the best outlet for me (many failed attempts at writing a book). I am looking forward to growing this blog and engaging with like minded people.


19 thoughts on “All About Me and Hockey

  1. Super excited for your blog! I love the Blackhawks as well and you find a lot of Blues fans at Bradley. I can’t wait to read more about your love for hockey and couldn’t agree more that a lot of people believe hockey is a men’s only sport.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, i found this when you like the pict i draw on Instagram. I love Blackhawks too, well, i have the list of my favs team and Blackhawks one of them. Funny because i live in far away land without ice on the pond named Indonesia, but since last year i watch playoff season (i’m rooting for Pens that time and still) i’m starting to like hockey even more. It’s rare to find hockey fans in here and even almost impossible to find female who loves hockey, i really looking forward for your writing.

    Warm regards from here


  3. I am also a Blackhawks fan so I’m excited for your posts! It’s cool that you found a way to combine your love for marketing, social media, and sports all into one. I don’t know a ton of information about hockey but I do think it’s exciting and entertaining to watch so I’ll definitely have to keep up with your blog.


    1. Great! I love fellow Blackhawks fans! And I definitely think hockey is a sport that is just so entertaining to watch, that you don’t necessarily need to follow the rules of the game!


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