For the Love of Hockey: Valentine’s Day 2017

This is the first valentine’s day that Clayton and I are spending together as a couple…We spent last Valentine’s day together, but we weren’t together yet.

Since we are both on the broke college kid budget, we both decided to just go to dinner and gush about how much we love each other. V-day should be all about love and not the gifts anyway! BUT, I saw the best gift while I was out shopping and I couldn’t resist!

I joke around with Clayton all the time that I want to own every Blackhawks jersey that exists, but since it’s very expensive, I buy the cheaper shersey option instead. In case you’re wondering what a shersey is, it is a T-shirt that has the name and number of a player on the back, like a normal jersey would….therefore it is a shersey!

I was out just browsing for things when I stumbled upon the coolest shersey for Clayton! He has 3 jerseys, one courtesy of yours truly ;), so I knew I didn’t want to get him a shersey with a player he already had. Once I sifted through the rack and pushed past the popular Kane and Toews names, and came to a Marian Hossa shersey. I snatched it up and ran to the counter….after I looked at stuff for myself of course!

I walked out with a pretty sweet new hat and a gift for Clayton. Successful shopping trip if you ask me!


Hope everyone else’s V-Day was as special as ours 🙂




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