Grandmas Like Hockey Too!

I introduced my grandma to the world of hockey in 2015. She had come to visit me at work over the summer and when she saw me, I was wearing my favorite Blackhawk’s jersey. It was a cool 90 degrees outside and I was wiping the sweat from my forehead about every 20 seconds.

I told my Gma that we absolutely could not miss the game that was going to be on later that day. Little did I know it was going to be such an exciting game.

Playoffs & Perseverance

Stanley cup playoffs were in full swing and my good luck charm was my jersey. My superstition is that if I wear my Hawks jersey all day long before a game, the hawks will win. It didn’t matter the weather or what I was going to be doing that day, I knew I needed to wear my jersey.

The hawks were going to be playing The Anaheim Ducks that night. This series was game 2 of the Western Conference final. To compete for the Stanley Cup, the Hawks needed to beat the Ducks in this best of 7 series.



Go Time 

I had anticipated this game all day long and it had finally come. I had on my jersey, my sister was braiding my hair, and my Gma had been prepped on who was who and why this game was important.

It was a very back and forth game with tons of skill. It had come down to the final minutes of the 3rd period and I was praying for a Blackhawks goal. Overtime in hockey is exciting to watch, but when the winner takes all, it’s incredibly nerve racking for fans. Sadly, no goals were scored and into overtime we went.


Then It Got Exciting

Alright. I mentally prepared for this overtime game and I got up from the bed and stood near the TV. My grandma was so confused as to what I was doing. Another crazy superstition I have is that I must stand for the entire overtime period. I like being completely engrossed in the game and this was just one more way to do that.

I clapped and cheered with every shot! The clock was winding down and still no goals…if you don’t know when in the playoffs, teams will play overtime periods until someone scores. This particular game went into TRIPLE overtime! That is the longest Blackhawks playoff game in history. And you can bet your butt I stood there for every extra minute.


My grandma said all my jumping around and excitement gave her so much anxiety! This was one of the most intense games I had ever seen. I couldn’t sit down. Finally, in the 3rd overtime period, the Hawks scored to win the game. It’s a game I will never forget.

I am happy to report that my grandma is an avid Blackhawks fan now and loves watching the games with me. She shouts out players nicknames and gets very upset when they lose! I’m looking forward to watching even more intense playoff games with her!



2 thoughts on “Grandmas Like Hockey Too!

  1. Love the enthusiasm! My family members also are hockey fans, and it is divided on loyalty. Its fantastic you have your grandma on your side. Mine is on a different side, so every time I’m with her I am a Blackhawks fan… if anyone asks.

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