Chicago: My City, My People


Clayton and I had been planning an Anniversary/Spring Break vacation for awhile now. We wanted to do a few different things but money is pretty tight for the both of us. A few months back I had ordered tickets to Hamilton in Chicago which just so happen to fall over spring break. We decided to go ahead and make a trip out of it!

Day 1:

We arrived in the city and the first thing we did was get Portillos….Duh. Anytime we are anywhere near a Portillo’s we will definitely be eating there! We spent an hour or so shopping at a nearby Nordstrom Rack. I dragged Clayton in there, but he ended up shopping longer than I did.

Day 2: 

Today is the day we saw HAMITLTON! I bought these tickets 6 months ago…so this trip has been manifesting for quite some time. I’ve been a history nerd my whole life and I was in show choir in high school, so naturally I fell in love with this musical! I am beyond appreciative that my boyfriend lets me drag him to musicals! Major brownie points for him! The musical was as amazing as I thought it would be! I finally got to be in the room where it happens 😉 Oh and we had brunch at Yolk to get the day off to a good start!



Day 3:

On the 3rd day there was a Hawks game going on at the Madhouse but unfortunately, we failed to snag tickets! We made sure to rep our team by visiting the Blackhawks Store on Michigan avenue. And of course, we wore our jerseys! The rest of the day was spent shopping…another activity that I have to drag Clayton through, but he’s a trooper and always sticks it out


Day 4:

Another thing I’ve always wanted to do was go to Dave and Busters! I was obsessed with Chuck E Cheese when I was younger and so I knew the adult version would be awesome! Honestly, our service was absolutely terrible, but Clayton and I made the best of it! I hit the jackpot 3 times on the same game while we were there so we were able to walk about with some pretty great prizes. One of them was a virtual reality headset! We can’t wait to use it!



4 thoughts on “Chicago: My City, My People

  1. I grew up right outside of Chicago so I spent a lot of my childhood going to plays in that theatre! I have yet to see Hamilton but I have heard that it is AMAZING. Good choice with the Portillo’s and Dave and Busters, definitely jealous since I had to spend my break in Peoria and not home in Chicago.


  2. Ahhhh that’s so awesome that you got to see Hamilton!! We are huge fans here as well. And what an awesome boyfriend to go with you. My husband is definitely NOT a theater type but he actually loves Hamilton, too!


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