Hockey with Horsepower: The Peoria Mustangs


When I first came to Peoria for school I really didn’t know anything about the city. I slowly explored and learned where things were and what there is to do around the city. One day I was scrolling through twitter and I saw an account for the Peoria Mustangs. I didn’t know anything about junior hockey, but as fate would have it, my future boyfriend happened to play for them. Now I sit in the stands with Clayton and watch his little brother play! It all came full circle. Hears what I’ve learned so far about the junior hockey world.

There Will Be Blood

Okay so there isn’t always blood…I’ve actually only witnessed one or two fights,to be honest. There are lots and lots of injuries. I mean duh it’s hockey, but I just never imagined so many broken bones and concussions in the junior world. Honestly, though these kids are so tough! Slammed into the boards? Get back up! Tripped by a stick? Get back up! Take a puck to the neck? Get back up….Props to them.

I Look Good

I’m not sure if it’s a requirement for junior hockey players to say this or if they are given a heavy dose of arrogance when joining the team, but I’ve never seen a group of boys so vain in my life! They are constantly checking themselves out in the mirror, fixing their “flow” or lack of “flow”. Literally, these boys spend more time in the mirror than I do.

Busy Bees

I work 2 jobs, go to school full time, and have extracurricular activities to attend to, but some of these junior players must not ever sleep. They balance jobs, practice schedule, workout schedules, and school. And let me tell you, their practice and workout schedules can be brutal. I find it incredibly commendable that these kids are learning to manage multiple things at once and being taught some hardcore discipline.


I’m sure I’m going to learn a lot more about junior hockey than I ever needed to know, but I love learning new things, and I especially love learning about hockey! Can’t wait to keep learning.


4 thoughts on “Hockey with Horsepower: The Peoria Mustangs

    1. I agree and I have been saying this for a long time. I think that they have a poor marketing strategy overall and could definitely use some help. Maybe you could suggest to Paul to see if there would be some freshman or sophomore marketing students that would be willing to do some unpaid marketing work for the Mustangs. That’d be a good start


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