Bringing Us Together

When I started dating Clayton I knew that I was going to be swept up in the world of hockey. I already loved hockey but he has played his whole life, his brother has played his whole life, his dad coached, and well his mom was their biggest fan. It was clear, this family’s whole world revolved around hockey.

I knew I was going to sit through a ton of Peoria Mustangs games for Clayton’s brother, but I never would’ve imagined how much I would bond with his family during those games. It became more than just a Saturday night hockey game.


I really got to know a lot about Claytons family. I would sit and eat my pretzel and cheese and just chat with his family. My favorite subject to talk about is the arrival of my future niece and his mom’s first grandbaby. She and I go nuts talking about all the cute bows and dresses we’ve gotten for her already! All those talks helped me learned what it was like for Clayton while growing up and all about the people who raised him. I even get to hear a few embarrassing stories about him….I’ll share those in another post.


Honestly, these hockey games became the perfect setting for all of us to get to know more about each other. We grew so much closer over this hockey season and I really feel like I’ve been officially welcomed into the family. I’ve got hockey to thank for that.


One thought on “Bringing Us Together

  1. That’s beautiful!

    I feel ya; my fiancé’s family is just as obsessed with hockey and baseball. Safe to say I’ve learned more about hockey in the past year than I ever knew my entire life lol.


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