Playoff Traditions

The school year is almost over! My LAST ever undergraduate semester…but, more importantly, that means that the Stanley Cup Playoffs will be here before I know it!


I am especially excited about this year’s playoffs because of all the exciting things taking place in my life! Clayton and I are moving to our first apartment (Halleluiah!!!!), I am graduating college, and get to enjoy a new adventure!

Now just because my life is moving in different directions does not mean that I can slack on my playoff traditions. Just like hockey players have their pre-game rituals, I have my playoff rituals. Let me break it down for you.

All the jerseys that I wanted but couldn’t afford!

Jersey All Day-Game Day:

I have one jersey (shout out to my pops!) and when playoffs roll around I definitely get a ton of use out of it. Anytime the Hawks are playing a playoff game, I have to wear my jersey There are no exceptions. I wore my jersey during 90 degree weather…but the Hawks won the Stanley Cup that year ;). You’re welcome Hawks fan



Standing During Overtime:

Now in playoffs, there are no shootouts. More often than not, games go into overtime, if not multiple overtimes. As soon as the puck drops for that overtime period, I am standing. There is no sitting, leaning, or anything else. Overtime is stressful, so I have to stand up and support my team.

Those are definitely my main rituals when the playoffs begin. And luckily I wrote this post in time for the Hawks first playoff game on April 14th. I will absolutely be wearing my jersey when this blog is published 😉


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