Kraft Hockeyville: Battle of the Bloomingtons!

For those of you that may not pay attention to those little annoying ads before the game goes to commercial, you may have missed the blurb about Kraft Hockeyville. For a quick synopsis, Kraft sponsors a contest to find the town that loves their rink the most and supports local hockey! Anyone can nominate a rink and then judges pick the semi-finalists. From there, people vote for their favorite rink until one reigns supreme! The winner gets $150,000 towards rink upgrades and gets to host a pre-season NHL game! And don’t feel bad for the other entrants, they all get a nice chunk of change for as well.


This contest is very close to my heart! The first contest occurred in 2016 and my hometown was chosen as one of the rinks. You could vote 50 times through text and 50 times online per day and you can bet your ass that I set a reminder every single day to vote! I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know much about the hockey scene in my hometown while I lived there, but nothing cool ever happens in my town so I wanted us to win! It also made my heart happy when the Blackhawks tweeted
about my little town! I also really wanted us to win because I thought maybe, just maybe, the Hawks would play a preseason game in my little hometown rink. That would have been something! We didn’t win, but we got a consolation prize that allowed us to do some rink upgrades!


This year, Illinois gets another chance. The Pepsi Ice Center in Bloomington, Illinois was nominated and as of writing this, has made it to the 2nd round! I can assure you that I have and will continue to vote every day! Of course, it’s not as cool as seeing my hometown in the running, but it would be so cool to see an Illinois community take home the top prize!

Bloomington Ice center

Ironically, the Bloomington, Illinois ice rink is up against the Bloomington, Minnesota ice rink. BATTLE OF THE BLOOMINGTONS! HA! But for real, everyone needs to vote so we can CRUSH Minnesota! They get enough recognition for having excellent hockey programs! I know that their community is going to rally behind them because of the love for hockey in that state, so Illinois needs to show them that we are just as passionate about the sport!

You can vote online by clicking here! Be sure to share this with your friends and get them voting as well!!


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