How to Recover from a Brutal Playoff Exit

Playoffs are the most exciting time in hockey…until your favorite team is brutally crushed in 4 game sweep. The hawks just couldn’t get it together this year. That makes 2 first round exits in a row and well, it has been incredibly hard to cope with. I have been lucky enough to grow up in the winning era of the Hawks, so it stings a lot to see such a brutal loss. I thought the mix of the core veterans and the scrappy newbies would be enough to make it to at least the conference final. Not to mention that the Hawks were the favorites to win it all this year….And I know, how can I whine when my team has won 3 Stanley Cups in the last 6 years? Well let me tell you, those past wins don’t make first round exits any easier.


So for all of you that feel my pain, whether you’re a disappointed Blackhawks fan or a fan who has been let down by their team at any point, you can sympathize with my feelings. If you’re looking for a way to get cope with the crippling effects of your favorite team losing then look no further! I have created a list of ways to help ease the pain.

  1.  Watch highlights from the season: Reliving the best goals and best plays from the season will help you remember all the good times. You can dry your tears and remember when your team made you happy. This is one of my favorite hype videos:
  2. Look at photos of your team’s last Stanley Cup parade: Assuming that your team has actually had a Stanley Cup parade (Sorry Blues Fans) you can take a look back at those beautiful photos. Even better, if you actually went to a Stanley Cup parade you can re-live that day through your own personal photos. I’ve looked through my snapchat story from the 2015 cup about 10 times already. Still have tears
  3. Complain to your friends: If those friends support the same team they will be even more interested in joining in your rant. If your friends don’t want to listen to you rant…find more supportive friends! Anyway…sometimes just talking out your frustration is the best medicine. Complain about the officiating, complain about the other team, complain about the line pairings, complain about whatever you want! Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel better. Luckily my boyfriend and I share the same passion for the Blackhawks, so we tend to just complain to each other.
  4. Grab a glass of wine and cry: or any drink of choice really. If you are of age, you can indulge in a nice adult beverage to ease the pain. I suggest limiting yourself to only a few drinks so things don’t get out of hand. Watching your team suck in the playoffs is hard, I get it so take some time for yourself. Let it all out and try to move on. After all, there’s always next year.


It may not be the playoff performance you were hoping for, but your team will need you now more than ever. Trades are coming, lines will change, and rookies will be drafted. A new season will make you forget all about those painful playoff losses.



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