Say Goodbye to Chicago’s Darling

This is NOT what I expected. I wrote in a previous post that I really thought Crawford was getting the boot this off-season. Instead, we will all have to say goodbye to Chicago’s Darling.

Scott Darling has proven that he has everything it takes to be a starting goalie. I was under the impression that he would be the Hawks starting goalie next season. Unfortunately, Darling’s time in Chicago has ended. Chicago agreed to a trade with the Carolina Hurricanes for a third round pick in the NHL draft.


I personally can’t speak to whether or not this was the right move for Chicago but I can say that I am very sad to see Darling go. He really proved himself in Chicago and deserved to be starting. If you don’t know anything about his background, you should definitely look into it. He fought a hard battle to get to the NHL and I can appreciate and respect his will and determination.

So What Now?

Many of us know that a lot of trades ultimately come down to cap space, and with Darling’s trade, it is easy to see that the Hawks are still in a tight bind. Someone big is going to be leaving the team…but who? I know that Hjalmarsson is certainly on the chopping block but, I’m thinking that Hossa and Seabrook will also be names that are thrown around.


Hossa had an exceptional year, but will he be able to maintain that. It may be the right time to let him go. Losing Seabrook would be rather rough, in my opinion. I just really wish I could be a fly on the wall during those trade conversations.


Let me know your thoughts on the Scott Darling trade and who you think will be getting the boot next.



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