Nashville Predators Looking Like a Well Oiled Machine

If it wasn’t obvious from my very sad playoff exit post, or any of my other posts for that matter, I am a Blackhawks fan. Since they are out of the playoffs I am forced to watch the Blues/Predators series. After watching game 1 of round 2 I think it is safe to say that Nashville is on fire.


It was hard to admit when it came to the Hawks/Preds series, but Nashville was clearly the better team. They finally figured things out during playoff season and they lived up to the “Smashville” reputation. The sweep is still hard to swallow as a fan, but I respect good hockey when I see it.


As a Blackhawks fan, it would be the ultimate crime to support the Blues, so I am indeed hoping Nashville takes the series.  As it looks right now, the Predators are looking prime to move on to the 3rd round.

I am going to continue to watch the series unfold and see what happens. Who are you rooting for?


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