Earning My Feathers: FINALLY Graduating

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind, to say the least. Running around for group projects, editing papers, creating presentations AND working in between, has really taken a toll on me. But I know that it is all coming to an end. By the time this goes up, I will have finished my last day of undergraduate classes. All the finals will be done, and my beloved (and hated at times) business building will be ripped up and torn down.  I’ve worked really hard to get to this point and I am both extremely excited and incredibly sad.


In the last few days, I’ve begun packing up my room and the walls look so empty. I’m ready for the next chapter but it’s also the most terrifying time in my life.

Moving On and Moving Up

When you spend every day for 4 years in one place…it essentially becomes your home. My university has been my home and it is so bittersweet to say goodbye. I’m never going to have to deal with the bipolar weather in the business building and I’ll never have to take a final again. But I’m also never going to get to experience homecoming week as a student or participate in club sports.


Yes, I know, I can experience all of those activities in different ways in the adult world, but it just isn’t the same!!

Passing It Down

One of the hardest goodbyes I had to make was to my dance team. I started this team as a sophomore with 4 other girls and it’s something that is incredibly important to me. The team has grown so much and I was blessed to hep a group of dancers grow…to be honest they taught me more than I ever taught them. I hope they know how much they impacted my life and I hope I had even just a small impact on theirs.


Walk Until You Have to Crawl

The next right of passage to attend is the annual senior walk! All of the graduating seniors go from bar to bar and drink the day away. One last irresponsible drinking binge before the adult world slaps us in the face. I’m not a big drinker, but I want to go and experience it! I think it will be a good time! I’ll be sure to drink some water along the way.

Bigger and Better

I will be moving on to a full-time job after graduation. I am scared and overwhelmed but incredibly excited at the same time. The company is great and I am excited to continue working towards my overall goal of working with the Chicago Blackhawks. It’s going to be a crazy ride but I am ready…just not quite ready to face my student loan debt…Yikes!!



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