He’s Feeling 22!

IT’S CLAYTONS BIRTHDAY! Honestly, I get more excited for his birthday than I do for my own. I love nothing more than planning out the perfect gifts for him! This year, with both of us working and being on opposite schedules, I wanted to make this birthday extra special…also everyone’s 22nd birthday seems so lame. Everyone gets pumped for your 21st, but after that, it seems like no one puts on a big extravaganza for your birthday.

Sweets for My Sweet:

I didn’t make this birthday a huge extravaganza, blowout birthday bash or anything, but I did try my best to make things special for Clayton. I got some extra special gifts and woke him up to some yummy (and extremely unhealthy) breakfast treats. Side note: we are both on a very slow transition to a full plant based diet (stay tuned for a full blog on this)…but we’ve been good lately and I decided his birthday celebration was the perfect excuse to indulge.



There is just something about being able to put together a thoughtful gift for someone that you love. I really really try to put a lot of thought into gifts for Clayton. I wanted to do something special for him (while staying on a budget). I always know that I can’t go wrong with clothes and video games….which I did get him, but I put together one very special gift. I found the company The Night Sky on Facebook and once I saw their photos, I knew I wanted to get one for Clayton. I made him a poster of the night sky on the day of our anniversary. It is a very sentimental gift that doubles as decor. He liked it just as much as I did.


Time Together

The best thing that came of Claytons birthday is the fact that we get to spend time together. With Clayton and I both so busy, it is really hard to schedule quality time. We really take advantage of our time together and try to make the most of it. It has been a struggle, but it’s also been really great as well. What I mean by that is, we now have the opportunity to appreciate each other so much more. I think couples take for granted all the time they have with someone and forget to appreciate all of the little things in the relationship. Clayton and I work every day to make our relationship better and stronger. What better day to do that than on his birthday!



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