October is My Fave: Halloween and Hockey!

It started a long time ago. I was very young when I realized that Halloween was my favorite holiday. My grandma has decorated our house from top to bottom every year with Halloween decorations! She even used to throw a big Halloween party for all the kids.  Maybe its because I’m a true performer at heart or maybe it’s because I inherited it from my mother, but there is almost nothing I get more excited for than the month of October….I mean cmon, not only do I get Halloween but I also get hockey! It truly is my happy place.

Halloween Lovers Anonymous 

Hello, my name is Elaina and I am an addict. I bought Halloween decorations in the middle of July…and I intend on putting these decorations up in mid-September….I have made 3 consecutive voyages to Michaels in order to buy decorations, using coupons of course! I could only get one thing at a time to get the best deals. And while some people think that is crazy, I always look for the best deal!  I keep telling Clayton that I can’t wait to make our apartment super spooky! That’s my new favorite word; Spooky! It’s just fun lol. He just laughs at me when I say it!

Let’s Get Spooky 

For me there is just something about completely decorating our place in Halloween decorations, sipping hot chocolate and watching scary movies! I live for it every year. Scary movies are not Clayton’s favorite, but I’ve told him this year, he doesn’t have a choice! There are so many great movies coming out and I have to see them! One thing he will watch with me is Stranger Things. We will more than likely binge the entire thing in a few days! Also, I’ve never missed an episode of Walking Dead…so pretty pumped for that to come back too!

Halloween Vs Hockey

There will have to be a balance between all the spooky stuff I want to watch and all the hockey games that will be on. It’s always a tough choice for me when the 2 overlap. Clayton will always pick hockey and I really have to reason with myself on which I’d rather watch…I know, sometimes I’m an awful hockey fan! Lol But trust me, it really does hurt me to have to decide!

Costume Planning

Anyone that knows me, knows that I plan my Halloween costumes almost a year in advance. My favorite Halloween costume to date is when I went as Little Red Riding Hood! I got everything I needed for it at Goodwill and it turned out great!


I’ve been thinking about this year’s costume for longer than a year. Full disclosure, I stole this idea from a high school friend. So it’s not completely an original idea, but it’s definitely something that I don’t see often. Last year Clayton and I went as Lolla and Bugs Bunny from Space Jam! I couldn’t get him in any bunny ears, but this year he has agreed to be a better sport about dressing up! I think he likes dressing up for Halloween with me more than he admits! I usually get lots and lots of Halloween talk done with Clayton’s mom. She and her husband, James, go all out for Halloween and have a great time! She also loves Halloween as much as I do too!


So what’s your favorite holiday? How do you feel about Halloween? What was your favorite Halloween costume?



26 thoughts on “October is My Fave: Halloween and Hockey!

  1. TOTALLY agree – the next 2 months can’t go by fast enough! 😀 Which reminds me, I’ve got to plan my own trip to Goodwill to see if there’s any costume possibilities this year. Fingers crossed!

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  2. October is one if my favourite months too! It’s the starting of autumn which is my favourite favourite season – especially because of Halloween. Love the post 😊


  3. I used to not like Halloween that much, but since having my daughter, I love Halloween! I have found myself planning her costumes not only for this upcoming Halloween, but future years too!

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  4. Halloween is absolutely my favorite. My spirit is dormant until October 1st comes around and it materializes in the form of the dancing pumpkin man from the CW.

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  5. I love everything about the fall and Halloween! Scary movies are my absolute favorite. I can sit there by myself and watch them all day and night.

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