What You Need To Get Done Before 2018

It’s getting closer and closer to the new year and we all know what that means…resolutions. Lose weight, drink more water, get more organized, blah blah blah. All of those things are awesome and if they are important to you then 100% make them a priority! I’m a big big proponent of planning and looking to the future…I mean, I like to plan my entire year in advance if possible (Blog coming on that soon), but I really feel like there are things we all need to focus on before we start thinking about resolutions!


I’ve put together a little list of all the things we should take care of before putting our new year’s resolution to action:

Clean Out Your Junk Drawer…or Drawers

Let’s start easy. We all have the dreaded junk drawer. It’s stuffed with papers, receipts, old batteries, and probably some unidentifiable objects. I have 2 of those drawers; one in my bedroom and one in my kitchen. I don’t know where all this crap comes from, but somehow it all ends up in these stupid drawers. So set aside some time this December and CLEAN THEM OUT! Trust me, clearing your life of clutter lifts the biggest weight off your shoulders! Plus, we gotta make room for more presents right?!

Also, a tip I learned from another awesome blogger is to NEVER leave a room in your house empty-handed. It’s likely that you have items scattered throughout your home that are out of place. For example, we tend to accumulate cups in our bedroom. So every time I leave the bedroom I try to grab a cup or two…or three to put in the dishwasher. It helps to keep things tidy and leaves me feeling much less overwhelmed by our clutter!


Prioritize Your Relationship With Yourself

When I tell people that I make myself and my feelings a priority they often think “wow she is so selfish.” Let me start off by saying that just because I prioritize myself, does NOT mean that I don’t think about others or have no consideration. I am constantly thinking about how other people feel and what I can do to make sure they are feeling good and have a great time when they are with me. That’s just who I am, however, I quickly realized that when I don’t prioritize some “Me” time, then I get burnt out. I literally write into my planner exactly how I plan on having some “Me” time every week. You can take a long bath, watch your favorite show and sip wine, or even just dive into a good book. Whatever relaxes you and makes you feel good is the perfect way to prioritize your feelings and wellbeing. P.S here are a few of my favorite ways to spend some time with myself and reset:

  • Create layouts in my bullet journal (I just ordered a new Passion Planner! If you have one, let me know how you like it!)
  • Light candles and watch one of my favorite movies
  • Take a long bath with a fizzy bath bomb
  • Read a new book
  • Scrapbook, paint or start a new craft
  • Watch my favorite Youtube videos (TED talks are my fave)
  • Go to the gym

Find what activities relax you and take the time to schedule a few…and feel no guilt about it!

Forget About Other People’s Opinions of You

If you do nothing else this month, I beg you to do this. I know it is easier said than done, but when you stop worrying about what other people think of you, you live a much happier and fulfilling life. By letting go of those opinions, you will gain a wealth of confidence. You’ll walk a little taller and just be so sure of yourself. You’ll finally be able to go after that thing that you want you’ve been wanting to do. I find that the number 1 reason people don’t go after something is because they are so consumed with what others think of them.

I’ve grown up a pretty confident person, but I have my fair share of insecurities like anyone else. One thing I am REALLY good at is not caring about what others think of me. I’ll admit that those negative thoughts slip in every now and then, but I really learned in college to develop a thicker skin. I met some shitty people who tried to bring me down with their negative opinions. As soon as I realized that they didn’t matter (And they were really insecure with themselves) and I cut them off, I instantly felt unstoppable. I also developed an awesome gratitude/affirmation routine that helps me!

If you really want to get serious about this one, you can permanently cut the negative people out of your life. Those people that don’t bring positive value to your life are a waste of your time. Find your inner circle and cherish them. Only keep good people around you!

Are there things you want to get done before the year is over or are you already honed in on your new year’s resolution? Leave a comment below so we can chat!


8 thoughts on “What You Need To Get Done Before 2018

  1. Lovely post! I also have similar habits. Try to take some empty glasses or cups into to the dishwasher. I am not a very tidy person 😀 Try to find some time to relax and calm down a bit and so on. Loved reading it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not the best at being tidy either! I got a great tip from someone the other day though! Never leave a room empty handed. There is always something to pick up or throw away! It’s actually been helping me feel much calmer about my space lately!


  2. For me, I plan to clean out junk in our drawer in our tiny home before ending 2017! Love that you mention about we should forget about what other people think about you! Totally! I’m not good at it but 2018 I’ll try to cut them off! Thanks for inspiration!

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  3. These are really great suggestions! I just moved in November, so thankfully my drawers are de-cluttered lol. One thing to check off the list! 🙂 Letting other people’s opinions go is definitely a step in the right direction though. It will set you up for a great year!


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